About Used Equipment

Alimak Used Equipment a strong, reliable & cost effective alternative!

The Alimak used equipment division is the partner for everyone seeking safe, reliable, efficient vertical access solutions and support. Our product portfolio comprises of construction hoists, industrial lifts, mast climbing work platforms, transport platforms and material hoists.

Alimak used equipment largely originates from our own rental fleets and we can offer units of all ages, capacities and specifications. It goes without saying that on the basis of our own service programme, these machines have been kept in excellent condition.


Alimak offers machines in two classes. Alongside the Select Class which confirms good overall condition, age, brief history of ownership and offers excellent value for your investment, Alimak also offers the Premium class. This class includes all as per Select class plus further in-depth refurbishing plus manufacturer’s warranty as standard.


  • Full safety check
    All devices fully functional. (If fitted) the overspeed safety device is current and tested. All barriers/handrails and other mechanical safety featuresare in place/fitted.
  • Component check
    Any components worn beyond the manufacturer’s recommendation are replaced. Drive pinions/rollers and all moving parts are within specifiedwear  tolerances.
  • Mechanical check
    All damage to the equipment is inspected and repaired. All components required are complete and correctly fitted. All specified parts are sold with the unit. Surface treatment is inspected and repaired if necessary.
  • Functional test
    The unit is fully tested prior to delivery to ensure correct operation. The drive unit must operate satisfactorily, following testing. All electrical equipment is fitted and is functional.
  • Documentation
    All units are supplied with the correct manuals for the unit purchased. The unit is supplied with manuals relevant to the particular model, including the technical description/installation and maintenance.


  • Service programme
    Standard checks as with Select Class.
  • Full structural check
    Base frames and joints are checked and overhauled as necessary.
  • Full surface treatment renovation inspection
    and where necessary repainting.
  • Manufacturer’s warranty on renovated equipment
    Offered as standard, with period dependant upon destination

Partenaire à long terme

Forts de notre envergure et de notre stabilité financière, nous assistons nos clients grâce à nos investissements continus dans la technologie, les équipements, les compétences et les services.