Alimak Hek refurbishes offshore elevators

Refurb elevators, Worldwide

Two Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed on to a semi-submersible drilling rig in 1984 and after 28 years of service in harsh environments they were refurbished to provide many more years of rig operation.

Alimak Hek in the UK who provide support to the oil and gas industry in the North Sea, West Africa and Middle East were requested by the operators of the rig to provide their offshore elevator expertise. The Alimak offshore elevators on the semi-submersible were inspected and a condition report submitted to the clients quality team. 

The decision was made to refurbish the elevators and Alimak Hek assisted the asset project team with technical support and removal of the two aged elevators. 

The drilling rig then went into Keppels Verolme Rotterdam shipyard for re-classification, where the elevators were removed by Shipyard personnel for delivery to Alimak Hek in the UK for a full elevator refurbishment. 

Further support was provided to re-install and commission the factory refurbished, Alimak elevators which are expected to deliver many more years of reliable service proving a wise investment.

Elevator details

Worldwide oil fields
Platform type:
Installation year:
Refurbishment year:
Elevator type:
Rack & Pinion
Elevator model:
1,665 kg
Lifting height:
34 m
33 m/min.
Rack and pinion offshore elevators

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