Alimak Hek refurbishes offshore elevator

Snorre A Tension Leg Platform, Offshore Elevator, North Sea

Two Alimak rack and pinion elevators were installed on the Snorre A offshore platform in 1990 and after 20 years of service in harsh environments one of the elevators needed a facelift.

Statoil, the new owner and a major international drilling and exploration company, contracted Alimak Hek to perform an inspection and evaluation of one of the Alimak elevators at Snorre A which had some damage. After the inspection, it was determined that the most cost effective solution was to perform a refurbishment of the unit.

The elevator was shipped to Alimak Hek’s manufacturing plant in Sweden for refurbishment. The elevator car was disassembled and the car frame realigned. The machinery was refurbished and the safety device exchanged and finally the exterior and interior surfaces were prepared and re-painted. Before return shipment the elevator was tested in the specially designed test tower at the Alimak Hek plant, where factory trained Alimak Hek service personnel performed all the required works, inspections and tests insuring safe and professional execution in accordance with OEM recommendations.

The factory refurbished, Alimak elevator is expected to deliver many more years of reliable service proving a wise investment.

Facts about Snorre A

Snorre A is an offshore platform in the Tampen area in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea. The platform, which is and integrated production, drilling and accommodation facility, is a Tension Leg Platform (TLP) – a floating unit moored to the seabed. Snorre A has been producing oil and gas in the Snorre field since 1992 then with Saga Petroleum as operator. Today it is operated by Statoil.

Elevator details

Offshore Drilling Platform, North Sea, Norway
Platform type
Snorre A Tension Leg Platform (TLP)
Installation year
Refurbishment year
Elevator type
Rack & Pinion
Elevator model
1,500 kg
Lifting height
64 m
Car size (internal)
1.2 m x 2.0 m
Rack and Pinion Offshore Elevators

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