Alimak Hek extend the life of four U500 elevators on board Diamond Offshore’s Ocean Apex

Ocean Apex semi-submersible, Jurong Shipyard, Singapore

Alimak Hek completes the refurbishment and installation of four Alimak U500 industrial rack and pinion elevators located within the Ocean Apex’s service and maintenance shafts. Corroded through exposure to salt, damp and humidity, the refurbishment works will extend the operating life of each elevator.

Diamond Offshore’s newly named ‘Ocean Apex’ semi-submersible has recently undergone a large capital upgrade in Singapore’s Jurong Shipyard. Scheduled for completion in Q3 2014, the refurbished semi-sub is designed with depth capacities of 6,000 ft and a drilling depth of 30,000 ft to meet the rising demand for deep-water drilling rigs.

In February 2014, Alimak Hek completed the refurbishment and installation of four Alimak U500 industrial rack and pinion elevators located within the rig’s service and maintenance shafts. Travelling 40m below deck via each of the rig’s column legs, the elevators provide crucial maintenance access to the lower pump rooms and ballast areas.

Given the relative age and extremely harsh marine environment of the rig, the original Alimak U500 elevators had become corroded and damaged beyond repair through exposure to salt, damp and humidity. Alimak Hek offered a unique solution in the form of a complete refurbishment package to extend the life of each elevator.

Upon inspection of the elevators, Alimak Hek identified two of the elevators, the PC2 and SC2, were damaged beyond repair and would require a complete refurbishment. The remaining elevators, the CPC4 and CSC4, had been exposed to a far milder environment and remained in a reasonably good condition; these elevators would undergo only an electrical refurbishment.

Jon Shoemaker, Project Manager on the Ocean Apex, explains, ‘Alimak Hek was very professional in evaluating our SOW (scope of works) after the initial rig survey. The easy answer could have been to replace everything, yet Alimak did a great job in placing an objective evaluation on the SOW, while keeping in mind the ‘value for money’ concept to the customer.’

‘The team members from the Alimak Australia division were very safety conscious, professional and obliging in the midst of a complicated job’, explains Mr. Shoemaker. ‘The Alimak team worked very well in navigating through the rough waters of Diamond as a customer, and the JSPL shipyard for support. The team was able to maintain a professional attitude that was key to their success in the midst of such a challenging situation.’

Elevator details

Jurong Shipyard, Singapore
Product Model
4x Alimak U500
Maintenance elevators, semi-submersible
1000 kg
Car size
0.8 m x 0.8 m
0.65 m/ sec
Lifting Height
40 m
Ocean Apex Refurbishment

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