25-year old Alimak elevator gets a face-lift

Borg Havn, Fredrikstad, Norway

Alimak Hek service technicians identify and upgrade the electrical equipment and machinery to extend the life of a 25-year-old port crane elevator.

Installed in 1990, Borg Havn in the city of Fredrikshamn in Norway makes use of an Alimak rack and pinion elevator to access their 45 meter ship-to-shore container crane. A critical piece of equipment at the port, the Alimak elevator not only allows the crane driver easy access to the cabin but is also used during necessary servicing and maintenance, which reduces downtime and improves port efficiency. The elevator also enables swift and safe access for emergency response if required.

Following an on-site service inspection, Alimak Hek identified corrosive damage that had occurred to the elevators electrical cabinets. They were damaged beyond repair and required to be dismantled and replaced.

25 years of service in marine environment

The elevator was still in operational shape after 25 years of service but due to the port's need to upgrade it´s container crane, they also opted for an upgrade of the associated elevator at the same time.

A complete upgrade of the elevators electrical equipment was carried out. Electrical cabinets, all cabling, landing control boxes and the elevator machinery was dismantled and replaced with new equipment.

Alimak Hek worked closely with the port of Borg Havn throughout the duration of the project, providing engineering, technical, electrical and rigging support. The Alimak rack and pinion elevator has been in operation at the Borg Havn since 2015, providing the port crane driver with access to the container crane.

Elevator details

Borg Havn, Fredrikstad, Norway
Ship-to-shore container crane
Elevator type
Rack and pinion
Elevator model
Alimak Scando Mini 4/9
Manufacturing year
400 kg/3 persons
Elevator car size (W x L x H)
0.7 m x 0.9 m x 2.15 m
0.65 m/s
Lifting height
45 m
25-year old Alimak elevator gets a face-lift

Borg Havn

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